Multi-site Observatory of Urban and Natural Environments and Testing Ground in an Alpine Landscape (MOUNTEGAL) will include research on all major mountain ecosystems, from natural and human-impacted landscapes (glacier, stream, pasture, forest, river, lake) to city landscapes (industry, concentrated population).

Communication and interface with society

This working group engages with UNIL and EPFL staff members and students from both institutions in order to implement a collaborative and multi-faceted interface on climate change projects and initiatives.




CLIMACT organises events dedicated to researchers with a focus on climate change but also addressing a broader audience. From specialised workshops to our series of seminar involving politics, researchers and other climate change experts, our events aim at sharing knowledge and engaging in discussions in a participatory way.



Modelling Platform

CLIMACT aims at developing a modelling platform with different axes:

1. Models as tools to create “interfaces” across disciplines and interdisciplinary models

2. Support to other CLIMACT components (MOUNTEGAL, etc.)