Inorganic environmental geochemistry: what impact can this field of research have on government policies?

Future changes of environments and climate will affect cycling of elements, including nutrients and potential contaminants. Furthermore, changes in atmospheric emissions will affect atmospheric deposition of these elements, which can impact agricultural soils and crops and thus nutrition and health.

Understanding atmospheric cycling and elemental deposition is a key effort of our research and will help predict changes in the supply of nutrients and contaminants to agricultural systems. Such predictions are important for developing sustainable solutions to manage these changes and for taking future actions and designing policies.

Picture ©Swiss Polar Institute

Esther Breuninger
– Esther Breuninger, PhD student in Inorganic Environmental Geochemistry I ETH Zürich and Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

This article is related to the presentation “Trace element cycling in the atmosphere: implications for nutrition and health” by Esther Breuninger, Episode 3 of our CLIMACT Seminar Series. Esther was a member of the Arctic Century expedition to the Russian Arctic in summer 2021.

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